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Acerca de SNC-Lavalin

Founded in 1911, SNC-Lavalin is a fully integrated professional services and project management company with offices around the world. SNC-Lavalin connects people, technology and data to help shape and deliver world-leading concepts and projects, while offering comprehensive innovative solutions across the asset lifecycle. Our expertise is wide-ranging – 

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Strategies and solutions for a Net Zero Carbon Future

OUR MISSION Action today for a Net Zero tomorrow SNC-Lavalin is at the forefront of this mission, leading engineering and industry in achieving Net Zero Carbon as rapidly as possible, by helping our clients manage climate risk and build climate resilience. Our global experts offer holistic, cutting-edge solutions and expertise at the forefront of sustainable best practice, including Biodiversity Net Gain, protecting and investing in Natural Capital and providing nature-based solutions across markets and sectors to help them optimise their path to Net Zero Carbon. In partnership with the planet.

We’re connecting people, technology and data

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No matter where you are in the world, your opportunities with us are endless. We work on global projects that take on today’s most pressing challenges. From population growth, to increasing transportation needs, and climate change – we merge ingenuity, knowledge and technology to uplift communities and drive a safer, better tomorrow. The expertise, passion and commitment of our employees have put us on the map. They are our most valuable asset and the success of our company is based on them. At SNC-Lavalin, we are committed to making a positive impact in communities around the world. Our projects inspire our people and help to build better lives wherever we do business. SNC-Lavalin’s global and diverse workforce includes technicians, professionals, engineers and project managers who use their knowledge, skills and talent to make a difference every day - locally and internationally. Join us on our journey to ensure a better future for all. MEET OUR PEOPLE Want a feel for our culture, who we are, and what makes SNC-Lavalin such a great place to work? Members of our team share their experiences in their own words – from how we’re giving back to communities, to how an apprentice ends up on a mega-project, to our incredible team spirit, centered on equality, inclusion & diversity.

Equality, diversity & inclusion

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We are proud of our diverse and dedicated workforce. Our employees speak about 70 languages, represent some 130 nationalities and work from offices on six continents. Our diversity is a key strength in helping us to understand and meet client needs worldwide. Therefore, we have developed a Sustainable Business Strategy that includes an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion program. This associated measurement category ensures that we continue to increase diversity across our projects, sectors and corporate functions. We believe that greater diversity will further strengthen our talent pool, enabling us to better serve clients and achieve our business objectives. Our responsibility as a business - Promote inclusiveness in our policies, practices and business relationships. - Proactively recruit and on-board candidates from a diverse pool of applicants. - Raise the awareness of diversity and inclusion through voluntary training, continuous learning and perspective sharing. In addition, we’re striving to elevate the representation of women in critical roles across our business (such as professionals, managers and senior managers). To succeed at this, we’ve set a target to: - Increase the total percentage of women in professional, management and senior management positions to 20% as a minimum.

Vision & values

Vision & values

Our values are part of our DNA Vision We strive to be the premier engineering solutions partner, committed to delivering complex projects from vision to reality for a sustainable lifespan. Values Our values are the essence of our company’s identity. They represent how we act, speak and behave together, and how we engage with our clients and stakeholders. SAFETY: We put safety at the heart of everything we do, to safeguard people, assets and the environment. INTEGRITY: We do the right thing, no matter what, and are accountable for our actions. INNOVATION: We redefine engineering by thinking boldly, proudly and differently. COLLABORATION: We work together and embrace each other’s unique contribution to deliver amazing results for all.

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