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Quanta Services was founded in 1997 to create a nationwide network of contractors that could meet the evolving needs of telecommunications and electric companies. As more and more utility and technology companies outsourced their infrastructure, Quanta Services stepped in with its unique design, installation, repair, and maintenance services. The company – más... reached $2 billion in revenue in just its third year and began developing solutions for the natural gas infrastructure and other specialty services. Today, Quanta Services is the largest distribution and electric transmission specialty contractor and the most successful pipeline specialty contractor in North America. They are a Fortune 400 Company and own the most extensive specialized equipment fleet in the business.

Quanta Services is not only an exciting place to work, but a safe one. The company has a "best-in-class" safety rating and employs the largest number of certified electric power linemen in North America. Quanta Services has international operations in India, Africa, Australia, and Latin America. Quanta Services hires for a variety of positions worldwide, such as journeyman electricians, project managers, analysts, marketing professionals, IT, and support functions. Approximately 15 percent of the Quanta Service's positions are salaried, and the company offers standard benefits such as health care coverage, retirements savings, and paid time off.

Above all else, both current and former associates of Quanta Services appreciate "the entrepreneurial feel of the company." Most note that there "is a positive culture with the spirit of a small company." Criticism centers around the company's "inability to manage its growth and make decisions." Despite this, many employees feel that the company "provides generous benefits" and "a great environment to learn about the industry."
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Escrito por tecnico electricista (exempleado) de Lima, Lima en 15 abril 2020
La empresa se dedica al rubro energético que brinda servicios para Edelnor tiene muy buena estabilidad económica tiene mucho que ofrecer por lo que el personal en su mayoría se siente agradecido con la empresa,buena infraestructura lo único malo es la logística, pero tiene buen grupo humano en la parte operativa encargada de producir los ingresos para - más...
Se prende bastante en el campo, tiene buenos jefes encargados en el campo que te brindan el apoyo
Mala logísticamente, demora mucho cuando se requiere de algun material o epps
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