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Evaluación de un empleado de Freedom

Productive, overwork with low pay, strict working times

Equilibrio vida personal/laboral
Salario/Beneficios contractuales
Estabilidad laboral/Facilidad de promoción
Cultura laboral
24 febrero 2018
I worked for the agency called Freedon, which assigned me to Kirchoff - a car manufactturing plant that assembles various car parts. The work place is a busy one, However, the workers are not properly protected from welding flares from the 2 man assembly machines. The flares jump over the barrier and lands into the workers who are inadequately protected from hot objects from the air. This work place is good for people who can not find job elsewhere. Good for temporary work only.
Puntuaciones por categoría
4.0Equilibrio vida personal/laboral
3.0Salario/Beneficios contractuales
3.0Estabilidad laboral/Facilidad de promoción
Good for getting work experience in an automotive manufacturing industry.
Not good for long term job, as the pay is not commensurate of the amount of work done and the safety of the workers.
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  1. Productive, overwork with low pay, strict working times